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Making The Grocery List

Posted by hope on January 25, 2009

My husband decided he is going to swing by the grocery store after his run this afternoon because he wants to get stuff to make burgers for dinner. Being the thoughtful husband that he is (AKA the guy who is tired of his wife getting irritated when he goes to the store with his own list without asking what else the family needs), he asked if I needed anything.

I got to the third item and he decided he would never remember everything. So he gets his Blackberry, which has a voice recorder, and starts making an audio grocery list. The part I really like is at the very end – I won’t spoil it, but will merely explain that he briefly turned off the recorder while we had a discussion about what type of fish I wanted him to purchase.

3 Responses to “Making The Grocery List”

  1. Bjørnar said

    Did he actually use that audio grocery list? Playing it again and again while walking around the store? Cause that’s what I’m imagining now.😀

  2. Eileen said

    That is funny!

  3. sam said


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